PD Rotomouldings Deliver 600 Aquacubes to Severn Trent Water


PD Rotomouldings has completed the delivery of 600 off Reg 31 approved 1100 litre Aquacubes to update Severn Trent Water stock of Emergency Water containers. The Aquacube was chosen following handling trials by the customer where the shape and stability and user friendliness of the package shone through.

The clever design makes it possible to fit 52 empty units onto a lorry meaning Aquacube breaks new boundaries in space optimisation on a vehicle. They can also be handled by fork truck from the bottom or HIAB type crane from the top.
The Aquacube is part of a range of containers and bowsers specifically designed for the Water industry and utilise the Rotational Moulding process to produce a long life, stress free and easily maintained unit. Designed and tooled in house the Aquacube tank is made from WRAS approved material and housed in a sturdy galvanised steel frame. Delivered fully assembled with inlet and outlet valves the 1100 litre Aquacube and the bigger 1800 litre version are PD's answer to moving water to end user be it on a building site, outdoor festival or national drought emergency.

The Aquacubes replace original PD supplied tanks that were over 25 years old yet still doing sterling service. The material from these old tanks can be recycled within the JFC group and turned into new useful products.

PD Rotomouling Aquacubes